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Marriage Counseling Redding CA

Have you come to the point in your relationship where you are seeing the areas of weakness that are needing to be strengthened?

Welcome to Marriage Counseling Redding CA where we help to create the most healthy and happy couples around.

We offer you pre marriage counseling which will set you up for a wonderful marriage.

We also have couples counseling that will help guide you to the joy that you are needing within your marriage and help you to navigate the marriage problems that you have come into contact with.

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Couples Counseling

redding marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling

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Premarital Counseling


Marriage Counseling Redding CA

redding couples therapy

It can be a difficult transition to being that of a child to that of a spouse. Many of our couples have one foot in their extended family, and one foot in their newly created family, which is their marriage.

You may grow up your whole life in one family with them being the most important relationships of your life to then switching to a marriage where that is now your sole focus and most important relationship in your life.

It is our goal to ease this transition and to help you navigate this if it has been years and you are still finding yourself struggling with this aspect of your marriage.

Our counselors know how much this can negatively impact a marriage and make it a goal to be sure to help you the best they can in being all in in your marriage.

It is our mission in Redding marriage counseling to emphasize the importance of continually dating your spouse.

You change and your spouse will change through the years. You are designed to change as you go through life's accomplishments and life's challenges.

As you go through life it is important that as you and your spouse are slowly growing and changing you are going on date nights to constantly keep up with the ever changing people you are becoming and develop a marriage of adaptability.

Why Choose Us?

At Marriage counseling Redding CA we believe these things are greatly important:

  • An open mind and willing heart
  • An honesty with yourself and your relationship
  • A safe environment to share information
  • A commitment to change and become better
  • A humility to listen to your counselor

We have been helping our clients in marriage and family therapy Redding CA for years to create a relationship that they have yearned for. Our clients have loved coming to couples counseling Redding because we seek not to blame but to solve.

Fill out this form and you will be on your way to solution solving in your marriage through the most incredible couples therapy Redding CA. Call us today if you want to be a couple that creates a more positive and proactive future for your marriage.

Our counselors have all of the knowledge and skills to help you and will share it with you as some of the best marriage advice you will get in relationship therapy.

Our counselors are the best at teaching you how to own your thoughts and how to take responsibility for your actions. This will help your marriage in every way possible and will be a huge step in moving forward.

What To Expect?

You should expect during marriage therapy Redding CA to let go of your past and move forward in your relationship. You may be asking yourself or even your spouse, “How do I do that?”

Our counselors will guide you through how to do just this. They are filled with the most love and compassion and help you to have this same love and compassion with yourself and your spouse, as this will be a change you are not used to.

Marriage therapy will take time. It most likely took time for your relationship to start going downhill or to become stagnant so it will also take time to improve your relationship and mend it. It will not happen overnight. You should expect to have to work on your relationship daily.

It will take daily thought and action to make small changes. Through these seemingly small changes your relationship will begin to make big transformations. You will find yourself snuggling on the couch again, giving long drawn out hugs randomly throughout the day, having talks for hours that you used to not have, ect.

You will meet with your counselor often which could be weekly, monthly, or whenever you are needing it and each time will gain new understandings and insights. You will want to share your review so that other couples can have the same success that you have had.

redding family counseling


All you want in a relationship is one that is full of life, full of joy, full of compassion, yet this can feel so hard to have at times.

Through our types of couples therapy which are pre marriage counseling and marriage counseling near me we guide you through the process to creating this type marriage. You will be better bonded as we work on the parts of your relationship that have been roadblocks to the greatest amount of joy, life, and compassion as possible.

Premarital Counseling Redding CA

There can be so many obstacles that affect your relationship.

Past relationships and your upbringing are two of which that can have lasting effects on your relationship and we help you to understand these in pre marriage counseling.

We will work on setting healthy boundaries in your relationship, in asserting roles, creating goals, and learning to foster a relationship of open communication filled with respect and admiration.

Couples counseling Redding CA

What we do here in couples therapy near me is heal past wounds that have occurred throughout your relationship.

There are so many aspects to a marriage that can be greatly affected without you even realizing it.

Our counselors are great at listening to you and then seeing the area of your life or your marriage where you are holding onto some past feelings or some great hurt and pain. They will talk you through overcoming these obstacles together as a couple and create a bond that cannot be broken.

About Redding CA

Redding California will take your breath away. It is covered in beautiful green trees surrounding the River that runs through Redding and has the most incredibly beautiful waterfall that is a must go see.

With how beautiful it is here there are tons and tons of hikes, bike rides, and other fun outdoor recreational activities that will keep you active and busy year round.

Here you get very cold and wet winters and very hot and dry summers. The population of Redding is near 92,000. The economy of Redding is very diverse in the types of large employers we have. Nine cities that are around the borders of Redding are:

  1. Anderson, CA
  2. Shasta Lake, CA
  3. Palo Cedro, CA
  4. Bella Vista, CA
  5. Millville, CA
  6. Lakehead, CA
  7. Shasta, CA
  8. Oak Run, CA
  9. Whitemore, CA
  10. And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will they be able to help us if we are a blended couple?

Yes. Our therapists and counselors are able to help anyone and everyone. No matter your circumstance there is work that you can do and your significant other can do. Being a blended couple comes with a different set of obstacles that our counselors have worked with on many couples before and have seen much success in their counseling sessions.

If you are stubborn does couples counseling help?

It can. If you are stubborn and close minded then it will be less likely that marriage counselling is going to be beneficial for you. If you are stubborn and open minded then absolutely counseling will help you. As long as you have a willingness to improve and a willingness to look at situations in a different light then you are going to have success, you are going to find joy in your relationship and you are going to better understand and accept your spouse and your relationship in each phase of life.

Is relationship counseling expensive?

We do our best at making couples counseling near me a cost that everyone can afford for relationship counseling Redding CA. We believe it is incredibly important for couples to get the help that they need rather than giving up on their relationship, so because of this we do our best at making sure everyone can afford to get couples counselling. If you would like to know more about the cost of counseling and any other details give us a call and we would love to discuss it further with you.

Do we have to come together to counseling?

No. There is no one right way to do couples counseling Redding CA. You can come alone, you can come together, or you can both come to marriage counseling Redding. There are many times that our counselors ask to see you two separately as well as together as it helps them to gain a better understanding of each view and in turn helps you to gain a better understanding of every view point. Our counselors for relationship counselling will help to do and will always make you feel comfortable in whatever situation you are in.

Client Testimonials

I am so happy that I finally found a therapist that listened to my husband and I. She didn’t pick sides and was able to help us find joy. We learned how to have fun again in our marriage! Thank you Marriage Counseling Spokane!

Susan Holly

I am so thankful for couples counseling Spokane. They were very affordable for the quality of therapy we have been receiving. We have now been going to therapy for 3 years and love the difference we have seen.

Tyson Smith

I love how kind the lady was and even the receptionist was very pleasant! She welcomed us with a warm smile and kind greeting immediately when walking in. It made us feel comfortable and like it was a safe place for us to be vulnerable. I would highly recommend couples counseling Spokane to all of my friends and family!

Kaitlyn Gunderson

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Premarital counseling will be the place where you will create a marriage that will make it through any challenge that life will bring your way as you will have a well bonded marriage. You will get the tools you will need to overcome adversity when it comes your way, as it always will.

Are you stuck in the same mind patterns and are ready to create an open mind, through marriage counseling Redding CA you will learn how to do this. It takes knowledge of how to do this and someone to help you be accountable in your process of change and learning.

Our therapists will teach you how to have compassion and how to fill your life with optimism and love to encourage and support each other in your marriage. Call us today and we will be happy to discuss your options and where to begin. Fill out this form and begin the journey to a better and happier you.

Marriage Counseling Redding CA

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